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After sun skincare tips

January 02, 2018

After sun skincare tips

These heat waves have caused your skin to become dry, chapped, red and peeling. Which let’s be honest is painful and not great for your health either. We know how you feel - and yes, we have slipped up a bit too this summer.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our top skincare tips for keeping your skin soft and supple after all that sun. Come on, you deserve to rejuvenate yourself while you still have the chance to show off some skin.


Take a cool shower 

We don’t have to tell you twice, do we? A long cold shower in summer is often a go-to at the end of a sweaty day, but all that cold water also has some amazing benefits for your skin. Unlike hot water, which is not gentle on your pores, cold water seals your pores to help prevent dirt and bacteria from entering them.

And you thought you were just cooling off! 

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub 

Who would we be if we didn't love ourselves? Scrubbing your skin is the perfect after sun remedy to buff away the dry, dead skin leaving it soft again. 

Our Guilty Pleasure Body coffee body scrubs all contain Vitamin E, which will help smooth things over.


Both inside and out!

We all know how SUPER important adequate water intake is for our body and the vital role it plays in maintaining our overall health, so always carry (and then drink) plenty of water.

However sometimes we forget our skin can suffer too as the sun sucks all the moisture from our bodies. A scrub with coconut oil will help hydrate it right back. Then follow with our Butter Up body butter and you are on a winning solution.

Nourish your hair 

Ahh, we always forget about our hair – but the sun can attack your locks too and sea salt strips it of life.

Rehydrate your sun-damaged hair with our amazing all natural hair oil which conditions and shine like no other. We think so anyway.

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